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About EASY FALL™ Leaf & Ember Guard

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Watch the video below to find out more about the leaf & ember guard that works!

Some things to know about the Easy Fall Guttering Leaf & Ember Guard

EASY FALL™ Guttering has developed a new leaf & ember guard that can be fitted over your existing guttering.

Based on the same principles as the full gutters Sydney system, the 4 leaf filters per metre allow even the heaviest rain to penetrate through the leaf and ember guard into your gutter while keeping leaves and debris out of your downpipes.

Easy Fall leaf guard system

What are the benefits of buying leaf guards at Easy Fall Guttering?

  • Bushfire Protection
  • COLORBOND® will not melt from burning embers.
  • Long Life
  • 25-year warranty against rust
  • Easy to Clean
  • Shallow dish allows excessive debris to be hosed off easily.
  • 7-year workmanship warranty
  • Adds considerable strength to your existing gutter
  • Easy-to-install gutter guards
  • Can be adapted to suit all types of guttering
Easy Fall leaf guard system


What sets apart the Easy Fall leaf & ember guards from other gutter types?

Other leaf guards have been tried, and as you can see by these sample photos. They just don’t have the same effect.
Why would you use anything other than The EASY FALL™ leaf & ember guard?

Common PLASTIC leaf guards simply do not work LONG TERM. They tend to let debris into gutters, hot embers burn through them & deteriorate in sunlight.

Don’t suffer from leaves blocking your gutters and causing blocked, overflowing gutters.

Easy Fall leaf & ember guard protecting your gutters

The Easy Fall Guttering leaf & ember guards

Consult Guttering Experts for Installations and Gutter Replacements

Do you need help picking the right gutter guard to install on your roof gutters? You may consult our gutter Sydney experts by calling 1800 897 444!

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