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How to Choose The Right Leaf Gutter Guard For You

Today, there are many options you can choose from for your leaf guard protection. There are many materials and designs which claim to be the best and the easiest to install. Because of these, it can be very difficult for a regular homeowner to decide which one to use. To make things less confusing, this article will explain the different gutter leaf guard system types and some of the best design options homeowners should consider when deciding for the quality leaf guard system for your respective homes.

What type of leaf guard should you choose?

Mesh or screen-type leaf guard

The first option to consider is the mesh or screen-type leaf guard system which has little holes in it so water can run through it preventing debris like leaves, small branches, and other objects to enter the gutter and blocking the flow of water. Currently, this is listed as one of the best leaf guard options because its affordable and easy to install.

One of the disadvantages of using this is that, once removed from your gutters, you can no longer re-install or re-use because it gets deformed upon removal. Another disadvantage is that, the mesh is very sensitive to weight, it either gets deformed or develop holes which would let debris in your gutters when it should have protected it. So remember, mesh types cant hold heavy debris (like medium size branches).

Slit-type leaf guard

Another popular option is slit-type leaf guard designs like the patented Gutter Helmet and Gutter Guard. These are a full coverage gutter leaf protection systems that are installed over your rain gutters. The cover hangs over the gutter and has one or more centimetre openings so water would flow into the gutters when it rains and let debris fall over the sides. These are a popular option for countries with snow or with light to moderate rainfall. Its also listed as one of the best leaf guard designs because it really keeps debris out your gutter unless its in the size smaller than the slit.

The disadvantage of choosing this type of leaf guard is that, these are not designed for heavy rains (7.5+ millimetres of rain falling in an hour), because the slit is not big enough to handle all the water flowing from the roof so expect waterfalls at the edge of your gutters. Also leaves can cover the slits preventing water to get into your gutters.

Full shallow dish-type gutter guard

Finally, another gutter leaf guard that is considered as one of the best designs there is, the full shallow dish-type. This is a variation of the full guttering leaf guard system (fully covers the gutters), but it is shallow in the middle. There is an embossed leaf filter located in the middle. The shallow dish ensures all rain water (even in heavy rains) will go to your gutters.

When its not raining, the angle enables even the lightest wind to remove the leaves easily. The embossed feature of the leaf filters ensures water will flow into the gutters even when some leaves accidentally block some other filters or some part of the filter. It is easy to install and remove, and it is designed to last a lifetime. The only disadvantage to this is that only one company produces this type of leaf gutter guard in the world.

If you want to find out the right leaf guard Sydney product for your roof gutters, you may consult the Easy Fall Guttering experts.


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