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Wollongong in the past has experienced tough weather conditions, including heavy rain downpours which cause gutter flooding. Gutters in this Australian seaside city encounter increased pressure that leads to clogging caused by stuck rubbish and debris. The end result? Overflowing and leaking gutters occur that might then escalate to gutter flooding. Don’t wait until gutter flooding plague your valuable Wollongong home. Easy Fall Guttering is here to protect your home from gutter flooding. Consult our experts by calling 1800 897 444.

The Best Gutter Flooding Solution in Wollongong

Our team is dedicated to reduce gutter flooding in Wollongong. That’s why we’ve come up with our unique EASY FALL™ Leaf & Ember Guard, a tool that keeps major debris and rubbish out of your guttering. This leaf and ember guard also aids in proper water flow during the heaviest of the rainfalls. In addition, EASY FALL™ Leaf & Ember Guard is an amazing water collection tool that shuns spilling of rainwater into the eaves and roof. Overall, non-spill of rainwater into your eaves and roof prevents gutter flooding.

Also, our leaf and ember guard has a shallow-dish effect. What’s in it for your gutters? This design allows for most leaves to be naturally dried out and blown away by the sun and wind’s action. Our Wollongong customers love our gutter flooding fix and prevention tool because it’s easy to install and easy to clean.

Here at Easy Fall, we make sure your gutters are always at a great condition. If you want to find out more about our revolutionary leaf and ember guard, call 1800 897 444 to talk to Easy Fall Guttering experts today.

How can you fix gutter flooding in your Wollongong home?

gutter flooding wollongong

Our leaf guard and ember guard has a shallow-dish effect, as it allows for most leaves to be dried out and blown away by the action of the sun and wind, especially if there is good exposure to these elements. Depending on the aspect of your house and the vicinity of trees, the occasional removal of leaves with a leaf blower or hose may be required. In the heaviest of rainfall, rainwater is continually flushing through the PVC channel to the downpipes and drainage system, therefore minimising the need for overall gutter maintenance.

Reduce your gutter flooding with the EASY FALL™ Leaf Guard, designed to keep major debris out of your current guttering. In addition, Leaf & Ember Guards assist in improving the gutter flooding problem.

Fast Facts: Wollongong

Wollongong is the third largest city in New South Wales, located in the Illawara region. It is also 10th largest city in Australia. Wollongong’s suburbs are located in the inner city area, along with major commercial hub. As of 2016 census, the suburb of Wollongong’s population is at 18, 442. Wollongong has a diverse population with more than half of the population born in Australia and less than half born overseas.

Wollongong area is one of the constantly developing cities in Australia because there’s not a time the city council runs out of projects for the area. To name the ongoing and planned projects in Wollongong, they are the Blue Mile Masterplan, Coalcliff Rock Pool and Sea Wall, Grand Pacific Walk, Helensburgh Waste Depot Rehabilitation, Port Kembla 2502, Stanwell Park Cafe Redevelopment, West Dapto Access Strategy, West Dapto Urban Release, and Whytes Gully New Landfill Cell Project.

Just like how Wollongong develops from time to time, make sure you prioritise constant development of your home by maintaining its safety from damages caused by gutter flooding. Call us today at 1800 897 444 and request a free quote.

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