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Leaf Guard for Gutters – Protecting Your Home Against Fire and Clogging Caused by Leaves & Debris

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Are leaf guard gutters worth it? Here are the reasons you need to install gutter guards.

Gutter guards help prevent clogged gutters and downpipes during the rainy season.

Having gutter guards prevent leaves from building up in your gutters. Leaves and debris stuck in gutters is a major problem especially when heavy rains occur. Clogging can cause roof damage from water that forces its way in from an overflowing gutter.

Ember gutter guards reduce the risk of fire in your home during the summer. 

Installing an effective ember gutter guard is a recommended gutter protection system for Australian towns or cities that are prone to bushfires. Leaf & Ember Guard has been designed to keep leaves and larger debris out of your gutters, thus avoiding the risk of ember flames. An accumulation of leaves can potentially create a fire hazard in bushfire-prone areas. This is precisely why constant cleaning and maintenance is required.

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Leaf guards prevent damages to your home.

Without a reliable guttering system, gutter flooding damage from water running over the gutters and down the house is a real possibility too. The weight of the overflow can bend the gutters out of shape or even dislodge them. When this happens, rain cascades down your exterior walls and can pool around your foundation, doors, windows, and cause major problems over time. Installing gutter guards prevent build-up of debris and avoid gutter flooding that may result in damages around your home.

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Leaf Guard Supplier in Sydney.

The EASY FALL® Leaf Guard can be adapted to suit most types of guttering. We supply leaf guards, mesh guards, and guttering systems with built-in leaf guards all over Sydney.

In Australia, many local residents live in locations where trees shed their leaves, dropping straight into the gutter. In autumn, it takes only a few hours for roof gutters to have leaves clogging the system, sometimes even filling it up to the brim. And it’s not only leaves. You can have twigs, small flowers and fruits, and other debris as well. These get soaked by the rains and heavy downpours, which in turn leads to gutter blockages.

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Why is the EASY FALL® Guttering Leaf Guard the best alternative to outdated leaf guard products being sold today?

There are several variations of leaf guards being sold in the Australian market today. Common types of leaf guards are mesh gutter guards, reverse curve leaf guards, screen leaf guards, and brush leaf guards. Although these leaf guards are commonly installed in the country today, these products are proven outdated and not as efficient when it comes to preventing gutter overflow and clogging.

Not only does it make cleaning your gutters easier, the EASY FALL® Guttering leaf guard offers a better solution for common gutter problems. The EASY FALL® leaf guard is higher at the front – which stops rain water from backing into the eaves. The raised filters makes it possible to have a continuous flow of water, preventing dirt and larger debris from entering the gutter. The shallow dish effect of the design allows for leaves to readily blow away in the wind. The efficient design allows for easy removal of leaves using a leaf blower or a brush.

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For your peace of mind, the EASY FALL® Leaf & Ember Guard has been independently tested by the CSIRO to directly assess fire hazard in accordance with Australian Standards. A fantastic guttering product in its own right, the EASY FALL® leaf-free gutter guards are easy to install and can be installed together with the EASY FALL® Guttering system to prevent leaves and debris build-up.

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Leaf Guard for Gutters – Protecting Your Home Against Fire and Clogging Caused by Leaves & Debris Gallery

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