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Bushfire Hazard Reduction: Ember Guard

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Why do I need ember guards?

According to the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS), most houses burn in bushfires when ember on your gutters ignite a fire. Make sure to install a reliable leaf guard that will not ignite fire during intense heat or bushfire.

The leaf-litter that collects in conventional gutter guards provides unwanted fuel build-up for a fire to ignite from flying embers – which can quickly spread to the eaves and roof cavity. This makes your gutters the most susceptible part of your home to ember attack. It is essential that you install a high quality ember guard to help protect you from bushfire danger.


leaf ember gutter guard

The EASY FALL® Leaf & Ember Guard provides the best protection available

With our innovative lead gutter guards, you can be sure that leaf litter build-up is reduced due to its shallow-dish effect. In addition, any burning embers will not burn through the COLORBOND® Steel.

The EASY FALL® Leaf & Ember Guard has been independently tested by the CSIRO according to AS/NZS 1530.3:1999. Results were ZERO for ignitabilty, flame propagation and heat release.

The NSW RFS recommend protecting your home with quality metal leaf guards.

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