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Is It Time For A New Roof Gutter

Your gutter is very dependent on how much we care on it in the past. A new roof gutter may be a financial nightmare, but theres something you can do about it. But don’t feel bad if you were busy and were not able to invest enough care, you can easily find professional help when its required.

Before deciding if you need a gutter replacement or a repair, carefully examine your gutter system first for signs of damage, degeneration, and loose fasteners. Just make sure when you do your examination, prevent walking around your roof because it may even cause further problems on the frameworks of your gutters and of course your roof. Use step ladder to get the right view and if you see problems, don’t fix it without knowing what to do.

So, do you need new gutters? I have prepared a checklist which you can answer with yes or no , make sure you answer after inspection and check the decision below after you answer:

  1. Our gutters are vinyl/plastic;
  2. I see small holes in the gutter level;
  3. I see curling and blistering on the edges;
  4. The gutter fasteners are slightly detached;
  5. Level gutters are not draining as expected;
  6. The gutters are sloping towards the downspout;
  7. We experience unnecessary leakage when it rains;
  8. The mitered corners doesn’t look good and has leaks;
  9. I see sever rusting/chemical damage (through and through the material).

If you answer yes on more than four (4) items on the checklist, you should consider your gutters replaced, if not, you still need professional service to have your gutters fixed (check your local directory for a service professional). If you’re a first-timer in replacing your home gutters, you have to understand what you are getting in to, and at least have enough time to consult with a gutter service professional and plan for this investment.

Remember, periodically cleaning and inspecting your gutters will save you from expensive gutter repair and replacement.

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