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Top 3 Benefits of Gutter Guards

A gutter clogged with leaves, twigs and debris is a nightmare to clean, especially when preparing for the rainy season. Regular maintenance of your gutters is necessary to keep them in good working condition. Whilst it is important to regularly clean your gutters, there is a downside which most people may not be aware – the risk of injury when cleaning your gutters.

A  study published by the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health , looked at a decade of hospitalisations from 2002 to 2012.  In this study, it was identified that ladder accidents during this time had increased by 47%. Of the 41,092 people hospitalised within the period of 2002 to 2012,  80% are from ladder accidents at home. DIY home renovations and maintenance, including gutter cleaning, cleaning gutter guards contribute to the rise of ladder injuries.

Taking safety precautions when cleaning your gutters will help prevent ladder injuries. But the best way to avoid this injury risk is to reduce the frequency of cleaning your gutters. To do that, you need to install a gutter guard.

Why You Need to Install Leaf Guards on Your Gutters

leaf ember gutter guard

Gutter guards, also known as leaf guards, are special materials designed to prevent leaves, twigs and other debris from entering the gutter. Usually made with mesh or screen, gutter guards act as barriers that block debris without obstructing the flow of water.

Installing a gutter guard to your home will provide these great benefits:

Gutter Guards protect against leaf buildup.

A few leaves here and there may not pose a huge risk. But over time, these leaves can buildup and eventually block water from flowing through your gutters. Installing a gutter guard will protect your home from issues that will result from a clogged gutter.

A gutter that is clogged by leaves will be inefficient when the rainy season comes. Water will have a hard time flowing through the gutter and downpipes, eventually damaging the gutter. In worst cases, it could also lead to an overflow of water that may damage your foundation and cause unsightly stains to your walls.

Leaf Gutter Guards prevent breeding of pests.

Clogged gutters are one of the best breeding grounds for common household pests like roaches, mosquitoes and spiders. Stagnant water with moist leaves and debris provide sufficient nourishment for these pests to reproduce.

Gutter guards prevent debris and stagnant water, indirectly protecting your home from an infestation. In addition, gutter guards also act as a physical barrier that obstructs birds and mice that may enter your home.

Gutter guards reduce the risk of bushfire hazards.

According to the NSW Rural Fire Service, around 90% of homes destroyed in a bushfire are lost because of burning embers. Burning embers can travel long distances so even if you are kilometres away from the fire, you may still be at risk. When these embers land on gutters with dry leaves and debris buildup, it may start a fire that can spread to the rest of your home.

If you are in a bushfire-prone area, you need to install special gutter guards that are designed to stop these embers and keep your family safe.

Protect your home from damage caused by clogged gutters. Install the Easy Fall Leaf and Ember Guard today. Get a free quote from our guttering Sydney experts today by calling 1800 897 444.

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