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Why spring is the best time for gutter replacement

When the winter months are gone and you are looking for a gutter replacement, Sydney residents can rely on the gutter experts at Easy Fall Guttering. We provide effective gutter replacement solutions designed to withstand the common issues that affect regular gutters.

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The winter months provide the harshest conditions to your gutters. During this time, the temperature changes affecting the structural integrity of your gutters. The buildup of debris causes your gutters to receive a lot of damage. When the weather begins to warm up, it is the perfect time to check how your gutters fared in the previous months. 

Spring has sprung

Is it time to replace your gutters come spring? Here are some reasons why spring is the best time for gutter replacement. 

Gutters are damaged from the last maintenance.

Most Sydney homeowners clean their gutters during autumn in preparation for the winter months. If your gutters haven’t been cleaned since autumn, then there’s a huge chance that your house gutters are damaged by debris buildup. 

Fallen leaves and even ice buildup if you are in the Blue Mountain area will give too much pressure on your gutters causing them to sag. If the protective paint of your metal gutters has peeled off, you may also see some rusted spots from water reacting to iron. In worse cases, rust can create holes in your gutter causing rainwater to leak and damage your home. 

If your gutter is clogged, sagging, or rusted with holes, then it is time to have your gutters replaced.

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Gutters need to be prepared for bushfire season.

The hot and dry summer months means one thing in Australia—bushfire season. Bushfires pose one of the greatest threats to your home and safety. And with the increasingly hotter temperatures in the country, the bushfire season is only going to get longer and more dangerous. For this reason, you need to do all the preparation you can do to keep your home safe. This includes protecting your gutter from ember attacks. 

Ember attacks occur when burning debris becomes airborne and flying long distances into urban areas. These burning debris can go through small gaps into your home and ignite flammable materials including the leaves inside your gutter. 

Many of the regulations included in the Australian Standard for building in bushfire-prone areas (AS3959–2009) are created to improve your home’s defense against ember attacks. These include the installation of heat-resistant gutters and the addition of ember guards. If your gutter is not made for bushfire season, then you need to replace your gutters as soon as possible. 

Get an Effective Gutter Replacement This Spring

Checking your gutters for replacement during spring should be part of your gutter maintenance schedule every year. Springtime is the best time to check any damage left by the winter months on your gutters and ensure that your home is ready to take on the bushfire season. If your gutter needs replacement in Spring, get the best guttering system that can withstand the common issues that trouble regular gutters. Give our friendly guttering experts a call today on 1800 897 444 to get a free quote. 

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