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Here are 5 Benefits of Gutter Guards

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One of the biggest problems of open gutters is the build-up of leaves and debris that prevents it from draining efficiently. These pieces of debris can block the downspouts and underground drains which can damage your gutter as well as your home’s exterior and foundation. One way you can protect your gutter from build-up is by using gutter guards.

What are gutter guards?

reasons you need leaf gutter guards

Gutter guards are rolls of materials, usually made of vinyl, PVC, steel or aluminum, that are fitted into your existing gutter. They act as a stopper that prevent leaves, large animals, dust and other debris from entering the gutter.

What are the top benefits of gutter guards?

Gutter guards have plenty of benefits for all homeowners. If you are wondering if gutter guards are worth the cost and the effort of installing, we got you covered. Here are the top 5 benefits of gutter guards.

1. Gutter guards make gutter maintenance easier.

Anyone who has cleaned their gutters would tell you that it is such a hassle to maintain them clog-free. At the minimum, you should clean your gutters at least twice in a year. Gutters are placed in high, hard to reach areas. In order to clean them properly, you will need ladders and other equipment or hire a professional. Either way, this would take time and money.

If you have gutter guards, debris will be collected on the top of the guard instead of inside the gutter. This makes it easier to clean instead of digging into clogged gutters. Having a gutter guard can even let gusts of wind blow dried leaves away from your gutter, further lessening the need for frequent maintenance.

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2. Gutter guards help prevent infestations.

Gutters provide the ideal environment to encourage the breeding of pests and other unwanted animals that can infest your home. Stagnant water that sit in your gutters can make your gutters attractive to insects, mice, mosquitoes, birds and even bats and squirrels. Gutter guards act as a physical barrier to these pests, making it difficult for them to use your gutters as shelter or enter your home through your roof.

3. Gutter guards prevent your gutters from premature rusting.

Debris can actually absorb a lot of water. If moisture-laden debris sits for a prolonged period of time on your gutter, it can cause premature rusting. Gutter guards act as a barrier and prevent wet debris from getting in contact with your gutter, lessening the risk of corrosion and making your gutters last longer.

4. Gutter guards prevent overflowing during heavy rainfall.

During times of heavy rain, gutters may overflow if it is not flowing efficiently. This is usually caused by blockage in the gutter and downspout. Gutter overflow is dangerous as it can potentially cause water to damage your foundation and enter your home. Gutter guards will stop these blockages from causing your gutter to overflow.

5. Gutter guards help protect your home from bushfires.

If your home is located in a bushfire-prone area, your gutter should be made of materials that can withstand this harsh environment. Gutter guards add another layer of protection to your home. During bushfires, embers can travel long distances and can potentially ignite dry leaves and debris in your gutter. By having a gutter guard, these embers will act as a barrier between debris and lighted embers.

To learn more about the benefits of your gutter guards for your home, call us on 1800 897 444 and request a free quote today. We supply gutter guards all over Sydney including nearby area Blue Mountain

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