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Gutter Rust Prevention

Preventing Rust in Your Gutters Is Possible!

Gutter rust is oftentimes associated with poor gutter design and installation. As the paint wears off in your gutters in the next five or 10 years, they will become susceptible to rust. Whenever raw metal or steel is exposed to the outdoor elements, it becomes a prime for rust development. Furthermore, regular rain gutters can sometimes have what is called an “incorrect gutter slope”, which means that it is not sloped enough for water to flow through.

This then creates a suitable environment for corrosion, intensified even more by leaf acids. The reaction results in the formation of hydroxide ions. Aside from faulty installation of a gutter system, exposure to natural elements can also lead to the rusting of a gutter’s surfaces.

Tracing the Problem Back to Overflow

When we take a look around various Sydney homes, as we’ve done so for many years, we spot easily identifiable areas in need of guttering repair. Signs of deterioration would include paint that is cracking and bubbling as well as surfaces that are flaking away. These can also be seen in stains on the underside. Worse, holes could form in the gutter. If you are lucky, you can patch gutter holes before it becomes untreatable.

Oftentimes, stagnant water caused by gutter overflow in metal gutters leads to eventual rusting. As stated above, the incorrect fall of conventional gutters only heightens the problem with rusting. If the slope towards the downpipe is not angled correctly, the gutter will be clogged by water, leaves and other debris. (Find out how to avoid incorrect gutter slope.)

During a period of heavy downpour, some gutters cannot handle the large volume of rainwater pouring through. This means that they do not drain away fast enough, therefore causing standing water. Mixed with everything else that could be stuck in gutters, the overflow helps create the blockage that occurs in downpipes and drains.

What Should You Do?

Maintaining clean gutters is one way to ensure that they will be free of contaminants that can lead to gutter rust. An efficient cleaning technique includes taking out the leaves, small branches, twigs and soil that may have accumulated in the metal gutter. All of these accelerate your gutter’s potential for corrosion.

As a rule of thumb, rain gutter repair for rusting should be done as soon as possible. You can repair gutter rust by patching up affected areas as this prevents corrosion from advancing. If you want a long-term solution that guarantees rust-free gutters, choose the EASY FALL® bracket. The interior gutter is constructed from PVC, a non-metallic material that guarantees to protect against rusting. Contact 1800 897 444 for guttering supplies.

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