How To Avoid Rain Overflows

How To Avoid Rain Overflows

Homeowners never run out of problems with their homes. Once you solve one problem, another usually pops up. It’s kind of the downside to having your own home. However, once you resolve an issue with your home, nothing comes close to making you satisfied. EASY FALL® Guttering has the solution to avoid rain overflows experienced by your gutters.

If your area experiences a lot of rainfall, your home cannot go without rain gutters. Rain gutters not only protect your home from easy deterioration, it also protects the foundation of your home by redirecting the flow of water away. The thing is, just because you have gutters doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take care of them. Just with any other installed features on your home, gutters need maintenance as well. Otherwise, you might experience overflows.

What is gutter overflow?

Overflows in roof gutters oftentimes happen when the gutters are filled with leaves or rubbish. Since rainwater cannot flow freely along the length of the gutter, it’s only natural that the rainwater will look for another way out, which is over the edge of the gutter. The best solution for this would be to, of course, clean the gutters.

What if the gutters are clean? How come the water still overflows? Try checking the downspouts. If the downspouts are clogged with rubbish, there is still no way out for the rainwater from the gutter. Hence, the gutter overflow again. You can check downspout clogging by running water down the spout.

Let’s say that the weather news channel says that we are expecting a big storm to hit over the weekend. You calmly think to yourself that since you’re going to be indoors, that nothing can possibly go wrong. When the storm finally hits, you wonder why your roof seems to be creaking, and as the storm worsens, a part of your gutter actually breaks off from the roof.

Why do gutters overflow?

The next day, you go out and check to see what happened. There you find out the cause of this mishap. Your gutters were filled with leaves and rubbish and it just so happened that the extra weight from the rainfall pushed your gutters to their limits, resulting in the disaster on your home.

What should I do to prevent gutter overflow?

Clean your gutters regularly.

You can grab a ladder and clean up the leaves and rubbish yourself, but if you can afford it, why not pay someone to climb up the roof and clean it?

Install roof gutter covers.

These might be the best investment you can spend your money on regarding your roof gutters. Not only do they keep the dirt out of the gutters, their designs usually keep the rubbish at a point where they can just fall right off the roof. If this does not eliminate having to clean your gutters, they definitely minimize your need to do so.

Always keep a plumber’s snake in your shed.

This little contraption is very useful for a number of things, you can use this to clean your clogged downspouts. The leaves and rubbish will just come tumbling out of your downspouts.

Have a professional install your guttering system.

Doing it yourself is okay, but oftentimes, it just doesn’t work. When setting up your guttering system, you have to consider the design of the gutter, making sure that it looks straight on the outside, but sloped on the inside to ensure that the water can flow properly to the downspout and won’t get stuck anywhere.

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