Can I install gutter guards by myself?

Can I install gutter guards by myself?

Leaf gutter guards are essential accessories that make any gutter system more effective. By filtering out leaves and other debris while letting rainwater in, gutter guards can prevent clogs and prolong the life of your gutter. While the benefits of gutter guards are unquestionable, most homeowners have a dilemma on whether they can install a gutter guard by themselves or not. Here’s everything you need to know about installing gutter guards DIY style.

Can I install Gutter guards by myself?

Yes, you can definitely install gutter guards by yourself. 

In fact, you are not alone. The increase in the number of internet tutorials, especially in the home repair and maintenance segment, has brought about the rise of popularity of DIY. Some of the most common reasons for homeowners doing the task themselves include the high cost of hiring professionals as well as the long wait times for their assistance. Low-cost tools are also accessible in hardware stores, prompting Aussies to do the DIY route.

Reasons to install DIY Gutter Guards

Here are some of the reasons why tackling DIY projects such as a gutter replacement is a good idea.

Save more money.

This is a pretty obvious reason and also the best reason to think about when doing a DIY gutter replacement. Hiring a gutter contractor to install the gutter for you will cost money, depending on the length of guttering you need. If you do it yourself, then the labor cost is free. The only expense you would have is the cost of materials as well as the needed tools in case you don’t have some hanging around your garage.

Schedule on your own time.

A gutter contractor may not always be available during the time you are free. You will have to set aside time not only to talk to the contractor for the initial quote but also for the actual gutter replacement. If you do the gutter replacement yourself, you can do these things at your own pace and free time.

DIY is fulfilling.

Completing a DIY project can give you a feeling of satisfaction in a way that is a bit different when you complete your office work. After doing the climbing, the hammering, and the cutting, seeing the newly finished gutter that you installed yourself gives you an enormous sense of accomplishment.

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