How to Avoid Gutter Replacement Costs

How to Avoid Gutter Replacement Costs

Most gutters nowadays fit so well with home design that it is too easy for us to ignore them. “Out of sight, out of mind” as the saying goes. If we can’t see a dirty or clogged gutter, then it does not need to be checked. That is until the rainy season comes and a malfunctioning gutter causes water damage to the foundations of your home. More often than not, it might already be too late and you would need a costly gutter replacement.

Easy Fall Guttering Solution — Gutter Replacement System in Sydney

Ways to Avoid Future Gutter Replacement Cost

Your gutter’s primary function is to collect rainwater and funnel it safely off your roof into a drain. Without your gutter, rainwater will cause structural damage to your home, endangering the people who live in it. To avoid losing money due to a malfunctioning gutter, here are some of the ways that you can do to avoid future gutter replacement cost.

  • Schedule a routine gutter maintenance session.
    Prevention is always better than cure. It is easier and much cheaper to clean your gutter regularly compared to repairing or replacing it outright. How often you need to clean your gutters depends on a lot of factors.
    In general, we recommend that you clean your gutters twice a year. The best time to do gutter maintenance is during early summer and late autumn. Cleaning early summer will prevent embers from bushfires from setting fire to dry leaves in your gutter. You should clean them again in late autumn when all the leaves have fallen off the trees surrounding your home. Some trees such as pine and eucalyptus trees may shed a lot of leaves throughout the year so you may need to clean your gutters more often.
  • Add a leaf & ember guard to your existing gutter.
    Gutters that are left open would collect leaves, dirt and other debris over time. These will contribute to a lot of guttering problems if left unchecked. One way you can do to prevent them from piling up and damaging your gutter is through the use of gutter guards. A leaf & ember guard will prevent leaves from getting stuck in your gutter and makes gutter cleaning a breeze.
  • Consider changing to a low maintenance gutter system.
    Old and worn gutters will inevitably need to be replaced. Sometimes, it may be cheaper to replace your guttering instead of doing gutter repairs every time. Advancements in guttering technology have resulted in gutter designs that are low maintenance. One such gutter is the EASY FALL® Guttering System.(RELATED: Are there gutters that don’t need maintenance?)

Avoid Future Gutter Replacement Costs With a Better Gutter System

The EASY FALL® Guttering system features an adjustable bracket and a unique leaf & ember guard guaranteed to solve the most common guttering problems—gutter overflow and incorrect fall. Our patented leaf & ember guard is designed to allow even the heaviest rainfall into your gutter while keeping leaves and debris out of your downpipes. Our gutters are powered by COLORBOND® for guaranteed bushfire protection. The EASY FALL® Guttering System also features an adjustable bracket that enables you to control the flow of water for maximum efficiency.

Avoid gutter replacement costs due to malfunctioning gutters. Install reliable gutter guards today!

Want to avoid future expensive gutter replacement costs? EASY FALL® Guttering provides solutions to all of your guttering woes. For more information about how our patented guttering system works, call us on 1800 897 444 and request a free quote today.