How to Prevent Ice and Snow from Damaging Your Gutters

How to Prevent Ice and Snow from Damaging Your Gutters

The winter months are some of the most punishing time to gutters, especially for homeowners in the Blue Mountains area. The formation of ice and the buildup of snow can affect the structural integrity of gutters. Water expands when it freezes so the extra stress of the ice formation causes gutters to bend and even crack.

Ice buildup in your gutters also cause an ice dam, a ridge of ice that prevents melted water from draining off the roof. The melted water can leak into your home and cause damage to your ceilings, walls, and your foundation. Ice dams can also tear shingles and cause the gutters to come loose.

Preventing ice and snow damage during the winter season should be one of your priorities as a homeowner. Failing to do winter gutter maintenance may result in high repair expenses. Here are some tips on how you can protect your gutters from ice and snow damage.

How To Prevent Ice And Snow From Damaging Your Gutters — Gutter Replacement System in Sydney

4 Ways to Prevent Ice and Snow Damage to Gutters

Clean your gutters before the winter.

It goes without saying that you should always clear your gutters from leaves and other debris that may block the flow of water. Before the winter weather hits, clean you gutters and downpipes so water can flow smoothly. With conventional gutters Soggy leaves and debris will block water and allow it to pool, making the formation of ice dams easier.

Ensure proper gutter slope.

Incorrect fall is one of the most common issues of conventional guttering. When the gutter is not properly sloped, rainwater fails to drain properly and water pools in certain areas. During winter, these pooled water will freeze and expand, damaging your gutter. To prevent ice damage, ensure that your gutters are sloped towards the downspout for the water to drain properly.

Add a gutter guard.

As previously mentioned, leaves and debris can cause clogging in your standard gutters that contributes to the formation of ice dams. To prevent this from happening in the first place, install an effective leaf guard to your gutter. EASY FALL® gutter guards prevent leaves and larger debris from entering the gutter itself, ensuring the liquid water will flow in and reducing the likelihood of blockage.

Clear snow buildup on your gutters.

Gutters are built to withstand a certain amount of weight, but the weight from a significant ice and snow buildup may make your gutter collapse under the weight. Before this happens, it is a good idea to clear your roof to prevent damage.

Tending to gutters during the winter months can be a hassle, but this will prevent expensive repairs in the future. For a hassle-free winter gutter maintenance, switch to a better gutter system. EASY FALL® Guttering provides effective guttering solutions to all your guttering issues that result from incorrect fall. We supply gutters all over Sydney.

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