Gutter Maintenance Tips for Aussie Homes

Gutter Maintenance Tips for Aussie Homes

With the summer drawing to an end, now is a good time to carry out a few maintenance checks on your guttering systems and drains to ensure they are fit for the coming winter weather.

Broken or overflowing gutters are a leading cause of water damage. If left unchecked they can lead to dampness and mould forming inside your home and cause long term structural damage.

So in this blog, we are going to cover six maintenance tips you can carry out yourself to ensure your gutters are up to the job this winter.

1. Remove fallen leaves and debris

Clear away any fallen leaves and debris in the yard and garden. Fallen leaves can easily get blown into your gutters, where they block drainage channels and increase the stress on joints. So get into the habit of sweeping them away every few days in the fall.

2. Check fall pipes for blockages

Check that your fall pipes are clear from blockages. You can do this from the ground using a hosepipe. Position the waterjet at the top of the fall pipe and check that water is coming out of the bottom.

3. Keep drains and gullies clear

Keep drains and gullies clear from debris. Drains are vital for removing excess water from around your property. Any blockage can quickly cause drains to overflow and flood your garden or home. If you notice that water is not draining away freely, call in a professional.

4. Remove overgrown vegetation from downpipes

During the summer plants can grow around downpipes, if left they can quickly become overgrown and cause pipes and drains to become blocked. Remove any plants which you find growing in or around your downpipes or drains.

5. Install leaf guards

Leaf guards are a great way of keeping your gutters clear from debris. Leaf guards fit over your gutters to prevent blockages. We can install leaf guards for you if you are not comfortable climbing on the roof yourself.

6. Make sure junctions are watertight

Finally, make sure that all your gutter joints and junctions are watertight. This can be done from the ground with a hosepipe. Let the water run off the roof into the gutters above any join or junction. This will quickly show any weak points or leaks.

Got leaking gutters? Give us a call

If after completing the above checks you find a problem with your gutters, get in touch with EASY FALL® today. We provide a range of guttering solutions including guttering replacement, maintenance and leaf guard installation.

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