How to Silence a Noisy Gutter

How to Silence a Noisy Gutter

Currently, in Australia, we’re in the middle of rainy season. Not only does this mean doom and gloom weather-wise, but it also makes for a constant headache due to the dripping noise coming from your gutters. At EASY FALL® Guttering, we recognise this, which is why we have pooled our expertise to offer some advice on how to silence the raindrops attacking your gutters once and for all. Ready for a good night’s sleep? Carry on reading to learn more.

Make adjustments

The easiest way to silence your gutter is to reposition the downspout. By changing the direction in which it is pointing out, you may be sealing off any available areas through which rain droplets can sneak through.

Replace the downspout

If the aforementioned step doesn’t work, it may be the case that you need to scrap your old downspout and replace it. This may be due to cracks that cannot be sealed just through repositioning alone. At EASY FALL® Guttering, our team members are well trained to replace downpipes and can advise you on the best type of downspout to suit your gutter perfectly. This means there will no longer be a crevice for the rain to hammer down into, creating a more noiseless experience for your home.

Utilise some rope

A home remedy that can aid the dripping sound plaguing your gutters involves rope. By dropping some down the inside of your gutter, raindrops should instead filter down this, rather than the gutter itself, which is a quieter alternative.

Ensure your gutter is clean

If a gutter is clean, raindrops should just slide across the drain, reducing noise. Therefore, if your gutter is clogged with grime or pieces of foliage, the rain can have a harder time getting through the gutter. This makes for a noisier experience as the rainwater isn’t able to seep through. For advice on how to effectively clean out your gutter, check out our guide to gutter maintenance tips for the fall.

For more information about maintaining or replacing your gutters, contact our friendly and professional team at EASY FALL® Guttering today.