The Dangers of a Blocked Gutter

The Dangers of a Blocked Gutter

Your house gutters are easy to ignore because let’s be honest, how often are you up on the roof to check them? But just because we can’t see a problem doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Blocked gutters left uncleared can cause a range of problems with your home that can become expensive to fix. If you’re thinking of installing a guttering system to prevent blockages and the build-up of rubbish, the following potential problems are a good motivator to get it done ASAP.

Insects and bad smells

When you get a build-up of plant materials in your guttering, nature starts to take its course and decomposition occurs. This is not only a great little home and breeding ground for a variety of insects, but it can also start to smell. If you are noticing a smell from your guttering, it also means that it hasn’t been cleaned in some time.

If your drain is completely blocked, it will also mean that after rainfall, you will likely have some stagnant water laying around. Pesky mosquitos love this, so if you’re in a mosquito-prone area, it’s really important to make sure your guttering is clear.

Structural damage

We have gutters on our homes for a reason and their primary purpose is to send rainfall to where you want it to go. When gutters are blocked, this can mean water starts to go where you don’t want it. While this won’t be a problem in the short term, after some time, this excess water can even build up in your home’s foundations and cause cracking.

Internal damage

With gutters overflowing, it is not uncommon for heavy rains to lead to leaks and even flooding inside your home. This may not even be noticeable at first, with excess water slowly causing rot inside your walls or ceiling.

To avoid damage, make sure to do a visual inspection of your gutter regularly. You can also look at installing gutter guard systems to help prevent blockages and buildup of plant materials and dirt.

The little time you spend keeping your gutter unblocked might just save you a fortune in the long run. If you’re looking for professional guttering solutions in Sydney, contact the team at EASY FALL® Guttering today.