Preventing Gutter Flooding – Tips from Gutter Experts

Preventing Gutter Flooding – Tips from Gutter Experts

How can I prevent my gutters from flooding?

Regularly clean and maintain your gutters to prevent clogging

Your gutters need to be free from dirt, leaves and other debris so that water will be able to flow freely, especially during heavy rains. While properly installed gutters will mostly make sure that your gutters are free from all of those, it doesn’t hurt to give your gutters a look every now and then, just to make sure that no debris is blocking rainwater from being drained completely. One of the most common causes of flooding due to bad gutters is blockage of your gutters drainage. (RELATED: How can I prevent leaves on my gutters using leaf guards?)

Install good quality rust-proof gutters

Another way to prevent your home from being flooded due to poor gutters is by making sure your gutters are made of high-quality materials. A rusted or corroded gutter, often times, lead to flooding. So to make sure you are able to avoid that, only use gutters made of high-quality materials.

One of the common problems experienced by many during heavy rains is flooding due to the poor installation of their gutters. To prevent that from happening, it is very important to have your gutters installed by professionals and to use high-quality gutters that won’t rust or corrode easily. Of course, it also helps if you clean your gutters at a regular basis. (READ: Find out about our gutters with 25-year rust-proof warranty)

Get a reliable contractor to install gutters with the right slope

It is better to seek professional guidance and help. Nothing beats a professionals knowhow about how gutters should be installed. Correct installation of gutters is the first step towards avoiding flooding due to bad gutters. Professional contractors who are experts in installing gutters will be able to give your gutters the correct gutter slope or fall and the correct height.

At the same time, the backside of the gutters needs to be higher than the front so that water will be prevented from flowing inside your homes. There are other matters that only professionals can help you with, so it is advisable to consult them especially with matters concerning your gutters.

Why do gutters overflow or flood?

During heavy rains, one of the biggest household concerns is having flooded gutters. Flooding can be caused by many things, but one of the most common causes is due to poorly installed gutters. A bad gutter can cause seeping, which may lead to flooding inside your home. When water is unable to exit due to poor gutter installation, it may seep into your ceiling and straight into your homes. The result is usually catastrophic as water may damage your household appliances and other things.

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