What Problems do Overflowing Gutters Cause?

What Problems do Overflowing Gutters Cause?

ow does overflowing gutters ruin your house?

Roof gutters were invented primarily for one reason— to divert rainwater flow in a direction away from your home. The rainwater should move away from your roof and flow straight to the ground. However, gutters tend to clog when they are not cleaned or maintained well enough. The accumulation of leaves, dirt, debris and droppings eventually leads to overflowing gutters. When this happens, where does the water go?

Decay in Your Roof and Siding

If your gutter is backed up, there is a good chance that the water will start seeping into your roof and fascia boards. As most fascia boards are made of wood, they will be subjected to a lot of wear and tear due to excessive moisture from standing water. Leaking gutters can be destructive and expensive!

Consequently, once your fascia boards have been damaged, water can now permeate through the eaves lining, destroying the paint. You’ll start to see bubbles on the surface of the paint and the next thing you know you’re calling in a contractor for a new paint job.

Overflowing gutters can also extend to your siding, causing more structural damage to your home. Over time, water running down continuously can deteriorate the material of the siding. Soon, you’ll notice that the paint is flaking away and that the colours are fading.

Cracks in Your Concrete

Concrete degradation is an unfavourable and unexpected effect also caused by gutter overflow. Despite being durable and able to withstand the elements, concrete can still fall victim to too much water. Of course, the process is slow but the impact is visible.

When rainwater from blocked gutters flow into a concrete material, it will leak through the tiny crevices while dissolving minerals present in the hardened cement paste. These dissolved minerals will be converted into deposits that make their way through the outer surface of the concrete. They will crowd into spaces and create gaps, cracking the concrete in your driveway and pathways.

Flood in Your Basement

Another unfortunate outcome that you can expect when your gutter system fails is flooding. Large amounts of water can make it through the eaves and ceiling, spreading all the way to your terrace before streaming down your room downstairs. Appliances, furniture and all your valuable possessions could be damaged beyond repair.

In addition, overflowing gutters can also lead to issues with drainage in your home as well as other nearby properties. Overall, the cost to fix all the damage and the time it takes to bring everything back to normal is immensely overwhelming. If you notice a gutter leak, please seek gutter repair services.

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