How to Tell if Your Guttering is Clogged

How to Tell if Your Guttering is Clogged

Clogged guttering can cause all sorts of damage, but how do you tell if you have a problem? When water overflows from your gutters, it can ultimately lead to structural or foundation issues for your home, as well as causing unsightly mildew and potential basement flooding. Here’s how to tell if your guttering systems need a thorough clean.

You notice water spilling over the sides

The most obvious sign that you have a problem with clogged guttering is when water starts to come over the sides. Obstructions cause water to back up, and with nowhere else to go, it will start to leak over the sides of your guttering systems. Whether it’s just a trickle or a complete cascade, any sign of water leakage isn’t good news.

Your guttering starts to sag

Leaves and other debris, coupled with the weight of the water, can cause your gutters to start sagging. This can eventually lead to cracks forming, and that might mean complete guttering replacement. If you spot sagging gutters, it might be time to call in the professionals or get out the ladders and give them a good clean.

There’s staining to your walls

Staining to the walls or siding of your home is another indication that your gutters may be clogged. Staining is caused by stagnant rainwater gently overflowing, and that can cause damage to fascia boards or the roof.

You spot plant life

If your guttering systems are starting to resemble a garden, then you have a serious problem. Seeds can easily take root in the debris and dirt which has accumulated, so if you see green shoots are starting to rear their heads, it’s time to take action and unclog your gutters.

Clogged gutters can quickly become a homeowner’s nightmare, so it’s important to keep an eye on them and make sure they’re kept clean all year round. This will hopefully avoid the need for guttering replacement and protect your house from any structural damage. If your gutters are overflowing, EASY FALL®’s expert team are on hand to help fix the problem and see your gutters are kept in top condition. Just get in touch today for more advice.