What are the best types of gutters for Sydney homes?

What are the best types of gutters for Sydney homes?

Did you know that there are numerous gutter types? Among the many gutter types available, are you sure you chose the right gutter for your home? As with the foundation, roofing is equally as important in the structure of your house. A poor roofing system eliminates the basic purpose of your home as a shelter, stripping it of its ability to protect you from the elements. One essential element in any roofing system is guttering.

With the many ways you can design your home, manufacturers have also come up with diverse gutter profiles to match your house’s exterior structure. Leave it to the EASY FALL® experts to highlight the best guttering options in the market today. You can trust gutter experts to provide insights as to which gutter types are right for you.

What are the best types of gutters for Sydney homes?

Box Gutters

Box gutters get their name from the manner in which they are installed. These gutters are boxed into the middle or edge of the roofing, making them nondescript. This is perfect for homeowners who prefer to maintain the facade of their homes. Also referred to as concealed gutters, these require an emergency overflow to be fitted. Should the gutter hold too much water or become blocked due to debris or leaves (READ: Leaf Guard Sydney Product), the water can then be successfully diverted. The absence of an overflow will steer the water to flow straight into the roof space, this will result in overflowing gutters. Fortunately, the team behind EASY FALL® are here to service your leaking gutters.

Fascia Gutters

As for fascia gutters, this is a system that seamlessly joins together two architectural elements—the fascia and the gutter. These are installed onto the roof’s rafters, taking out the necessity for fascia construction. As they are directly attached to the rafters, it is often customised for a tight fit. A great multi-tasker, fascia gutters also double as fascia boards.

Half-Round Gutters

These particular roof gutters are named half-round as they come in a circular shape that appears to have been cut right in the middle. The most common sizes are five and six inches. Given their wider-than-average diameter, they are designed to hold large amounts of water. This makes them ideal for protecting against leakage in case of heavy rains and storms. It is interesting to note the continued popularity of their smooth, curved look among turn-of-the-century era homes.

Quad Gutters

Coming in different widths and profiles, quad gutters are one of the bestselling gutter profiles in Sydney. Versatile in looks and functionality, they suit a variety of exterior home designs. Otherwise known as “D” gutters, these ones are available with and without slots. The latter is best for homeowners living in areas associated with heavy rainfall. The slots allow the water to escape to prevent overflowing gutters.

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