3 Essential Leaf Guard Features

3 Essential Leaf Guard Features

Gutter guards are an essential part of any property. They keep the debris out of your gutters while letting rainwater in, which the gutters guide towards a drain away from your home. Without gutter guards that perform their function properly, debris will build up and clog your gutter. A clogged gutter causes several problems to your home and can result in damaged walls and roofs especially during rainfall. (READ: What are leaf guards?)

3 Essential Gutter Guard Features

Before you buy and install gutter guards on your gutters, you need to know what type of leaf guard is right for you. Not all gutter guards are the same as some have different methods of performing their function. Here are some features that you need to look out for when buying gutter guards for your house gutters.

  1. Easy Gutter Guard Installation
    There are different types of gutters in the market, each with a corresponding gutter guard that fits their size and shape. You need to look for a gutter guard that fits the type of guttering that you have. Better yet, look for a gutter guard that can be adapted to all types of guttering. In addition, choose a gutter guard that does not require special equipment or a licensed professional to install.
  2. Trouble-free Cleanup
    The primary function of your gutter guard is to block leaves, dirt and other debris from entering your gutters. Different types of gutters perform this function in different ways. For example, a gutter brush use bristles that block debris. However, it also retains smaller debris and may be difficult to clean. Some cover-type gutter guards may have a deep dish to trap leaves that the wind cannot blow away. If you want a hassle-free gutter guard cleanup, choose a gutter guard with a shallow dish. This feature would let the wind blow leaves and let you hose the remaining debris easily.
  3. Protection From Bushfires
    If you live in places with frequent bushfires, you need to have gutter guards that are non-combustible. Embers that are airborne, as well as flaming debris that is blown by the wind, can enter your home through small gaps and set it on fire. A gutter guard that also functions as an ember guard is a good investment if your home is located in bushfire-prone areas.

EASY FALL® Leaf & Ember Guard System

For a reliable leaf guard Sydney gutter, choose the EASY FALL® Leaf & Ember Guard System. Our leaf gutter guards feature a special efficient design that lets rainwater in while keeping debris out of your gutters. With our shallow dish design, the wind can blow the leaves easily. Made from non-combustible material, our gutter guards are ideal for bushfire-prone areas. (Find out how to pick the right leaf guards by reading this guide.)

An uncovered gutter will eventually have debris buildup which could damage not only the guttering itself but also affect your home as well. Save yourself from the hassle of gutter repair and replacement costs. Invest in a reliable leaf guard today.

For gutter guards, Sydney homeowners trust EASY FALL® Guttering. 

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